Custom Teleporter Locations

Add Custom Locations Spots

As another perk to the Hive+ Rank or as a shop item we could buy Custom Teleporter Locations where you can place down a marker in a specific spot and name it so we could teleport there, from the Game Selector Menu, whenever we want. A reasonable price for this perk would be 100 Minecoins per Location but could come in bundles for a discount.

This item could remove the hassle to repeatedly run all the way back up the mountain when you fall off the parkour or it could teleport to another location that doesnt have its own teleporter. Some limitations might be that you cant teleport on top of any of the parkour jumps but can teleport to the start of the parkours.


:+1: cool idea

Interesting idea, I take issue with parts:

This could just be used to cheat on the parkour or get back on top of the hive sign whenever you want to, which would make this:

Pay to win

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Mods can teleport you up there

Yea your right, I will edit it :slight_smile: