Custom sounds when destroying a treasure

Custom, unlockable sounds when destroying a treasure like the ender dragon death sound :heart_eyes:
Edit: other players hear the sound that u have selected when u destroy a treasure
im german btw :))

i remember the time i was 13 playing cracked 1.5.2 on windows xp laptop.
later i was like "wow the ender dragon have the same sound as when u destroy the nexus in aero🤨…* bring me back the old feeling guys :))

Yeah that would be cool.

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If any staff mind telling me what sound you used/edited from the original minecraft sounds files for the treasure breaking so I can edit it to use in my texture pack that would be great :+1:

You can- record it if you want to put in the texture pack and don’t care about using it in a command block in vanilla minecraft

Also the dragon death sound is too long (in my own personal opinion).

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Treasure breaking (ambient): Explosion (random.explode)
Treasure breaking (in-game message): mob.enderdragon.growl

Unless that was not what you wanted to know


you did not answer his question at all

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