Custom server golden apple amounts

Hiii! This is a suggestion about golden apple’s (In Custom servers)
So recently my friends and I have been playing custom servers, and we especially love to play treasure wars.
But I’ve noticed recently that 10 golden apples isn’t enough.
So my suggestion would be, to have a setting in tw custom servers that you can change how many golden apples you can get in 1 match. Out of 20, so basically you can change the setting to 1 through to 20 golden apples which ever number you want. For example, let’s say I want there to only be 2 golden apples purchasable but then next round I would like to be able to buy 20 golden apples Max.
Put your opinions down below if you have any! Have a great day/Night/morning! Cyaa :wave:

Why max 20 when they could allow you to remove the cap if you want, add that as an option too pls thx.


Take a vote! This wpuls be great for everything free matches as people just buy all the gapples instantly. I genuinely would make it infinite for every custom match i do

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I got a better idea. Remove the cap entirely for normal to. It’s not like gaps give absorption and barely heal you


^^^^ this
Someone should make a post dedicated to just this, that would be great

I am with this option to remove the cap or put a limit the operator wants.

Can I make the Limit 0?

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Yes would say that is allowed

When I say 0 that means 0 not nothing

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