Custom Music for the Minigames

I want some new music for minigames like thrill music for TW or suspense/mystery music in MM so that I can enjoy the game with some music that actually fits the theme of the minigames.

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I don’t think this is a very good idea but…

we could see this if they add Block Party or The Lab with Block Party in it.


Why not, I mean I don’t even play with music but yeah

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I typically play with music. Though at one point during Christmas, it was playing Christmas music in the hub.


If you want to have custom music, I suggest making your own resource pack for it. While some people would enjoy the music, some would also complain.

  1. You just bumped a 2 yr old post
  2. This was made on August 2019 and the link was in October 2020

Yeah someone told me, my bad

Thank you for the bump. :blobheart: Custom Music would be cool to have in games like Just Build, Hide and Seek and DeathRun.