Custom items for sw and sg

Something that would be really fun, is (specifically sw and sg) to add a way to give “kits” or just a specific item at the beginning of the game, I believe this could be really fun, and could balance out stuff like your own ranked skywars like Ignacio did. Something else, is you could create a Nemo game, where you can’t get anything other than nemos and blocks(just set it to only iron ores). Thx for reading! And if this does get added, you would just set an extra slot in the settings before games, called “kits” and you could have a selection of each item. I hope you take this into consideration, and feel free to leave any problems with this in the reply’s

Also to keep the organization clean, organize each item by the ore it comes out of, and if it comes from a chest then do a chest option

And for sg I don’t really know

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Pls remember not to double post. I think this was already suggested but seems like an okayish idea. Getting starting items would be super duper helpful when making big cs events.

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This was only meant to be for custom servers