Custom death sounds. We Need It


So basically custom death sounds of when you kill a player would be so awesome and satisfying rather than just hearing nothing when finishing someone off, this could work in many ways and it can even be client sided like everyone has different death sounds chosen.]

More information:Also i’ve managed to make a soundpack addon that plays meme death sounds everytime you kill a player, though it works on normal worlds but on servers? only works on CubeCraft for some reason, i think because the sound “game.player.die” only plays in CubeCraft cuz idk they allow it, uuh i don’t really know how this works but pretty much hive doesen’t allow this sound to play for players, if this gets added as an official feature or AT LEAST make the game.player.die in SoundDefinitions to play I’d Play HIVE EVERYTIME man It’s the only reason i play CubeCraft more than Hive

[I can share the addon if anyone wants to]

Maybe not client-sided but great idea!!! It could be custom sounds from the hive also would it be different for each game or the same also your pack wouldnt work as when you go to a new game you may notice that you die so it might be confusing and may overlap in bp and grav and others!!

yeah you’re right but i would love this to get added.

so is this for all pvp games? how would this work exactly? would it be in the menu with hub titles, costumes, and avatars? Would it be unlocked by an average level?

it could be found in your locker maybe aside with kill effects, but i really want them to use the game.player.die sound so my addon works so everyone can customize it locally

kill effects… so h&s, tw, and sw I think? would it be linked through all those games or would there be specific ones for each game?