Custom avatar for people who gifted

If people gift things to other people, like a costume, they will get a custom hub title like “giver” and if you gift 10 gifts, “generous giver”, and so on and so forth

Do you mean like a title?

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Oh yea I forgot the name sorry

I don’t really know if I like this idea. You shouldn’t get a hub title for gifting people, you can also buy a gift from the QP shop for 1500 QP.

Well, they could’ve bought something for themselves with those qp but they decided to buy something for someone else but hey, I respect your opinion

Why, I would like to know your thought process, can u explain what you are thinking

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its a good idea to get me some more costumes… @Scratchfangs why dont u want this?

never mind what dumb me previously said

It’s not dumb I just want u to explain instead of just saying this isn’t a good idea

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