CrossHair Update [would be sweet!]

I think The Hive should add a cross hair update. (my idea)
It would be more circular and a bit bigger. It would also turn bright green if its in reach of a player or block. I think this will be good for pvper as they know when they are in reach of players. It should also flash red when a player is within 15 blocks of of you. This will give you a warning if your not ready to fight to RUN. Anyways thats my idea.

If you are a Pvper, then it’s your skillset to estimate the reach and distance between you and your opponent, your surroundings, and your weapon.


yeah it would be nice for biggeners. I think you should have the option of the cross hair

You can probably just install a texture pack for most cross hair changes. :slightly_smiling_face:
But what I want to talk about is.

That would most likely be considered a cheat. :frowning:


Yeah just search up “Big crosshair pack for Minecraft Bedrock 1,14.3” or whatever, and the hive has no control over this, also like how @xsurvived said, flashing red when a player is 15 blocks away would probably be unfair/cheating. Won’t suggest any but I think it is possible.

Edit: after a quick google search I did indeed find a pack that I think works it didn’t work, however big crosshair packs are so hard to come by even on java since they hurt a little more than help, I personally use a slightly smaller one, but it seems you might be out of luck

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As has been mentioned, you can install a texture pack if you want your cross-hair to be bigger, this isn’t something that we would do on the server.