Critical Hits not in the game

Why aren’t critical hits a thing? It adds more skill gap to pvp and makes the games quicker. If the only reason they’re not there is because of particles, couldn’t you just turn particles off and still have crits?

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Tbh I don’t think crits would go to well with the way u can get someone in the air

The jump up to crit u and u just combo them into the void like u just used ur final smash in smash bros


i’d like crits. You make a good point. Even if someone crits them when they jump they take more kb so you can 2 tap them off

Honestly I have no idea why crits aren’t in the game, but adding them now would be a bad idea

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Hello, welcome to the forums! :wave: Unfortunately this is duplicate suggestion which can be found here Also they are not planning to add this