Create specific suffixes for Hive Partners

Create suffixes for Hive Partners who do no fall under the [YT] or [S] category.
Example: A Content Creator whom creates content on Instagram would have a [Insta] or [I] suffix. This also applies for TikTok content creators.

I see players with the VIP rank (of whom are content creators that don’t fall under the YT/Streamer category) constantly being asked what they have done/do to be a VIP. Same with TikTok content creators.
This would make it much easier for players to understand that they are Hive Partners, and may also promote their channel/page better!
This would also confine the VIP rank more.

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Hm, maybe this would be good, although i’ve never seen a VIP rank besides when Fowben had it a while ago.

Those with the VIP rank are either former senior staff members or tiktok creators. A tiktok rank is already planned to be added for them so VIP rank will only be for former staff. Instagram creators are currently not eligible for our partner program and I imagine if that ever changes in the future they will get their own rank and the same will go for any other types of creators we might decide to include in our program in the future.


I like this idea! You got my vote!