Cowboys vs. Indians

I remember a while back in the java edition of Minecraft, The Hive had a minigame called Cowboys vs. Indians- it was kinda like capture the flag, but the flag was a person. It had different maps and it was my favorite minigame. Can we bring that back please??

First of all Welcome to the forums!

I like your idea. Hive will do best in implementing fine and original games.

Oh and btw
What you are posting is a Suggestion, and it should be on the Suggestions.

Thank you for letting me know! Glad to know that my favorite game might come back :smiley: and thanks for letting me know about the suggestions! I’ll be sure to remember that for the future!

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Cowboy vs indian its good game on HiveMC. its cool if add game.
Good suggest.


Cowboys and Indians (CAI), in it’s day, was really popular and fun. As player counts depreciated on Java edition, CAI lost many players and due to it’s high amount of players needed games never started. With the introduction of Java 2.0, it was announced that CAI would no longer be available to play on the Hive.

I can’t see them bringing CAI over to Bedrock because of this and how it’s player base is nearly non-existent on Java.

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Man… I was hoping that the game was still alive on Java so I could get MC java edition and play…

It’s still currently available but when Java 2.0 launches (couple of months probably) it won’t be, so you’ve still got an opportunity to play it if you wish :slight_smile:

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Oh okay! Thank you for letting me know!

You should just continue playing bedrock if you have it.