Counter operations LTM

Objective: One teams guards their bases treasure (It would be like the Mega treasure but with more minions), there treasure is protected by 4 pillars that charge a shield around it, the other team has to destroy the pillars and destroy the treasure.

team 1 can only buy blocks (except bridgers) and weapons and armor. Team 2 (the attackers) can only buy wool and bridgers from blocks and can buy weapons and the specials. team 2 can also buy invisibilty potions. You can not place blocks directly next to pillars.

The teams switch position after ten minutes (half of the game), this would be told by text on your screen saying “Defenders” or “attackers”

Is this basically battle box from mcc -_-

minecraft championships? Don’t watch. Master Chief collection? I play a lot.

The concept of the game is very simple and not something I would GRIND for days on. Not gonna vote sorry

I mean the idea is cool but like not yk