Costume - TheSleepy

  • Make a Costume called TheSleepy, the costume will be a person using Pajama and sleeping or very tired, the avatar could be a person sleeping or a emoji and the HUB Tittle could be “DO NOT DISTURB”

( People will love a costume called TheSleepy, people like me I’m lazy, I will use it :slight_smile: )

hub-title “Do not disturb” like Discord:P


SirLion be like; we need a sleepy costume
Banana Pyjama be like; :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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iSleepy be like: ooh i want that


That is very cute idea I like it :smile:

smart suggestion, glad to see you got some likes on it lion! Super cute.

I love this idea and I also enjoy most of the costumes on the Hive :))