Costume and hib title suggestion

Costume suggestion

Maybe you should give new players a free costume and a free hub title for joining the hive for the first time

The frog costume is free, i think that can count as a costume given to new players, idk if its still available tho…


Don’t think it is still there for them. My bad it’s there thx for not hating but telling me nicely.


u have to do the parkour

its ez tbh

look in the hive store its there


the frog is the reward for the 1st part of the parkour ryt

No, the frog hub title is for the parkour

The frog costume is free in the hive store for any player to get

Still is…

Yes. But actually no

Therefore there is indeed a costume and hub title available to all new players. You just need to press a few buttons


As what alpha mentioned you get a free Costume, Which is the Hip-Hop Costume.

Also make sure to vote for your own suggestion. :wink:

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