Cosmetic randomiser

Ok I have searched and I don’t think this has been suggested before

The suggestion is that in every game you can choose for a random cosmetic. I know that this might sound a bit confusing so here’s an example of what I mean. In treasure wars let’s say you’re level 20 and when you go in your locker to choose your treasure you choose the new option “Random” and then when you go in a game it will choose a random treasure of yours from levels 1-20. Hope that makes sense.

This random option would hopefully be on every cosmetic in every game

Thanks for reading

This is only for Costumes tho

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Bumping this bump bump yes bump

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why tho …
why would you want that???

Well there’s no point having so many cosmetics but only using your highest level one. You might want to use all of them but don’t want to manually change every round

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wuut was that against or for the topic
and if u wanna change ur treasure u probably want to change it to something specific and not random and also u can never finish all the parkour in a lobby thers always some secret