Cosmetic idea doodles

1st block
Hermes wings: body
Gold wreath: hat

2nd block
(actually a callback to java’s lack of cosmetics)
ghost eyes: face: either no eyes, or the ones in the doodle
inviscloak: body: either no cosmetic at all, or the translucent cloak doodled
invisihat: hat: either no cosmetic, or the translucent hat
I just think having a no cosmetic option would be a nice callback to OG java players aha

3rd block
fish fins: hat: pairs with the mermaid tail

4th block
cat face: pairs with cat ears/paws or cat headphones, which is why there’s a tail too like the dragon face cosmetic.

Not that I expect these to be added, I thought they were fun to doodle though! Sorry I didn’t make them all super blocky.


Nice looks cool. Welcome to the forums XD


Welcome to the forums! :cubee: good idea even tho h & s is boring

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