Cops and robbers

My idea is cops and robbers. Different from murder mystery but involves a city, a prison/jail, and other realistic stuff you’d see in real life. Things you would be doing would be well, anything that involves a robbery! The robbers goals would be to basically steal something so the police have something to do. The police goal is to arrest and jail robbers depending on severity, and returning stolen stuff. Once a criminal steals something, it logs it to a book in the police station.

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Other info I’d consider is instead of 16 players like most games have, we could have like 40. Such as 20 players for police, and 20 for robbers of some sort. With also realistic helicopters or cop cars with it. Some more info on cops and robbers is the main things to steal would be a bank, money, cars, and such. Once someone steals something it’d log it to a book only for the cops using the command "/logs ", without the ", and then it shows logs for that user. Cops goals is to capture robbers, and robbers goals is to steal

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How would the game play work? It sounds like it would be on a massive scale (20v20), but what would these players be doing? What are the objectives, etc. Describe the idea more so people know what they’re voting for :wink:


Ok, thanks for the tip

I don’t think the Hive wants to encourage kids to rob a bank…

Meh, still got my vote

I really think this is a great and original idea.

This is similar to This.

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I want to be this game to be fast-paced game, i don’t wanna this game become boring when it applied into large scale. Im gonna suggest 5v5.

The Objective of Cops is catch all the robbers, and the robbers objective is to survive as long as possible

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Thank you for the suggestion, however, as mentioned above, a similar post has already been made, see here (click me)

Feel free to reply to that suggestion with any ideas you have.

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