New Game: Cops And Robbers

I suggesting we have a cops and robs game. So simple, there is 10 people, 5 will become cops and 5 become robbers. In this game robbers will give a time privelage to run for 10 seconds before cops team chase them, robbers will have hiding spot that can only work for 15 second, but if they captured by cops, they will be send into a jail. But, if Robbers that didnt capture yet manage to go to the jail, they can save the robbers that have been capture, but if robbers has been captured 3 times, they can’t be saved anymore. and for make it more fun, each cops will have 2 magic glassed that each 1 can see robbers for 3 seconds. and robbers will have 2 jump boost potion to help them escape the chase by the cops for 5 seconds.

Edit: Forgot to mention what is the goal of the game:
Cops: Catch All The Robbers
Robbers: Survive As long As Possible


Cool idea! This seems like another game mode that would be added to the Hive’s new Mixed Arcade!

Go visit the topic talking about Mixed Arcade suggestions, and post your idea there!

thanks for your feedback, make sure you vote it so it can be added in mixed arcade. :slight_smile:

It looks like Ghost Invasion so don’t vote on it sorry.

dang it you beat me to it lol good idea!

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