Contest/Giveaway Rules

Hey Fellow Bees!

This thread is made for all those who wish to host a contest or giveaway, right here on the forums!

Contests and giveaways come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them can be won with pure luck. Others require you to make a submission (such as making a skin, subscribing to a YouTube channel) and other creative tasks.
All of these are fine, but we want to make sure that both the host and the participants are safe from scams.

Here are a few rules that must be followed when creating or participating in a Contest/Giveaway:

  • The host must contact @Splodger prior to starting the event. This is for security reasons and for us to ensure the safety of all our members. Simply message @Splodger on the forums or on Discord and they will assist you through the process.
  • The host may NOT require a type of monetary commitment to participate (Skin Creations, Map Creations, and other similar items are ALLOWED).
  • For Contests/Giveaways that require users to create an item, users are NOT allowed to use other player’s content. (Example: If the host wants a player to create a skin for him/her, you may NOT find a skin on the internet and claim it as your material).
  • Hosts must prove that the winners chosen (for luck giveaways) were actually chosen randomly, and not rigged.

Contests and giveaways are fun for all players alike, and we want to make sure they are performed fairly.

Any contest that seems suspicious or violates one of our rules can/will be locked. You also risk being warned.

The Hive does not take any responsibility for any transactions that take place in giveaways and we we will not handle any payment issues regarding them.