Competitive Treasure Wars

I think Hive should add a Competitive Treasure Wars with rewards (for example at the end of a season players would be rewarded with exclusive cosmetics or Hub titles for each rank.)


Isn’t treasure wars competitive already?! Or is this a troll?

he means ranked tw, which is:

  1. a duplicate suggestion
  2. level doesnt equal skill

@Hlzyzptlk lock pls tyty


Well ya
I think that it would be fun to earn rewards and have hive competitive leaderboards.

No the ranks will be based on how many matches you win

Hive would have a point system to where if you destroy a treasure you get (x) number of points and if you get a kill you get (x) number points, also would be the same for wins

As @HolyPotato263 said, this has already been discussed here. I’m sorry :pensive:. Also, please don’t double, or triple post. If you have something to add, and someone else hasn’t replied, use the edit button(looks like a pencil)