Community-Designed Costumes!

Allow players to submit costumes that they designed to be added on the store for purchase!

More information:
There could be a submission thread on this forum, or other site where players could submit a costume design that would be added to the store for purchase! Of course, the player who designed the costume would get it for free.

I agree that a good idea would be to allow the community to submit their own skin designs to possibly become featured.
Although I’m not too good of a skin designer myself, I do know that the Hive uses custom geometry to add 3D features to their costumes, which not everyone has access to. If everyone was given the opportunity to make skins like these, I feel like there would be a general decrease in motivation to buy new costumes.


You have a point. Maybe they wouldn’t be given it for free… Also, I feel like maybe not every design would go through, only ones that the admins thought were good enough to to go in the store. Or, everyone could submit a design and vote on three they liked, and those three would go up on the store!

Content Creating cough cough!

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maybe you use such as a “Magica Voxel (freeware)” to imagine 3d geometry characters easily.

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