Christmas Gamemode

New Game: Cursed Christmas
Information: This gamemode is an infected based game. There is 1 “Abominable Snowman”, this player must run around and catch all the other “Survivors”. The aim of the game for the snowman is to catch all survivors, where as for the survivors its to survive as long as possible.

CubeCraft already made this. AND they already have snow wars.

They did? I only remember their endermen gamemode not their snowman one

The hive already has snow wars as a christmas game mode

Oh your the person who celebrants christmas early

This seems to be very similar to ghost invasion but instead of ghosts we have snowmans :grin:
Maybe something different can be done, as of now we have SnowWars as a LTM mode for chistmas.


This is like a mixture of GI and HnS. You have to run from seeker (Abominable Snowman), but you are humans instead of blocks.

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I wish bro, if anything i celebrate it late. I know it takes awhile for gamemodes to be created so, just giving a few ideas