Chinese translation bug in ALL GAMES AND HUB

Affected Language:
Which language does this issue affect?
Chinese Simplfied
Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Where is the affected text?
title in ALL games
Affected Text:
Please type the text, exactly as it appears in-game
in Chinese: 体验
when you change the language to english, it is experience
Suggested Text:
Please type your suggested correction/improvement
change “体验” into “经验”
Explanation of Issue:
What is wrong with the text, and why would your suggested improvement be better?
in English, “体验” and “经验” are the same word.
BUT in Chinese, they are two different meanings.
the word “体验” means the experience of something. Just like the “XP” in Windows XP.
and the word"经验" means what you learned from this thing. You can get “经验” in doing something. But you can’t get"体验" in doing something. NOBODY SPEAK CHINESE LIKE THIS.
there’s some example:
Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshot of the affected text
in English

in Chinese

When I first saw this in Chinese. I don’t thought it means Exp. I thought it is how many games I played. But when I change the display language into English. I’ve been shocked because it means EXPERIENCE!

Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a translation suggestion!

It looks like this particular change has already been made, the updated text should appear in-game soon, if it hasn’t already.

Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

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