Chicken Nuggets Treasure

Chicken Nuggets Treasure

More info:
Everyone loves Chicken Nuggies
Make it a treasure

What kind of Chicken Nuggies
  • Dinosaur Shape Chicken Nuggies
  • Regular Chicken Nuggies
  • Both lol

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If y’all are voting on the poll
Then at Least vote for the thread


It would be hard to put in though, but it would be fun to have

they could put this as a bundle instead of giving new levels, they’re bound to add new cosmetics within a new bundle so this is prob gonna happen if lots of people vote it


gygy want chicky nuggies

gygy NEED chicky nuggies!!!


It could be a chicken with a nugget treasure, tw

a chicken thigh on a flag sw

A nest podium, for sg

a chicken face cape for death run and a egg death marker

chicken stuff for hidenseek.

An egg throwable for mm and a maybe like a kfc bucket for a gravestone.


This is just Bread Cape 2.0
But with Chicken Nuggets and a Treasure instead

This could be one of those big KFC thingys full of chicken nuggets

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On the release of the KFC console

Weirdly this already exists, they had a partner with Xbox

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Finger clickin good


you guys a weeps lmao

With Chicken Nugget Treasure

At least we’ll know why sweats will start rushing
Because the Treasure is “It’s Finger Lickin’ good”

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Would be cool if this was implemented as a cosmetic for future bundles or events


add the dislike button back…


Rumors has it that if you don’t like chicken Nuggets
That you don’t exist :eyes:

No one can dislike chicken Nuggets

ofc i like chicken nuggies11!!1!1!
(i wasn’t saying u guys are weeps cause dinosaur (p-p))