Chests wont open

This is happening to all chests, and graves in Survival Games.

Earlier I posted that it wouldn’t let me pick stuff up out of chests (but they would open) on Survival games or open my inventory 1/3 of the time. But, now won’t even let me open any chests or open my inventory. I don’t think this is because of my computer because I got a new computer and it still does it. It’s been like this for a week and I’m not sure how to fix it. I’ve gotten this same issue with the chest opening a year ago or more and it was fixed but now it’s doing it again.

I’m on Windows 11 and the version is 1.19.0

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Thanks for taking the time to submit this bug report.

For this particular issue, we’d appreciate more info to accurately replicate this bug. If anyone else is also having this problem, please let me know! Any videos are very helpful.

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Hi, in the video I went to a grave and it wouldn’t let me pick up certain items. It let me pick up some of the items though. I tried fixing it by throwing and item on the ground which some times fixes it and leaving and clicking on it again, but it didn’t work. Also, after this I went into my inventory and it wouldn’t let me move stuff either. After this, which I don’t have on video, I went to another chest and it was working and let me take stuff out. Here’s the link to the video sorry if I didn’t add the video correctly as I’ve never reported a glitch before. Hopefully this helps fix it, thanks!