/cheaterlist (staff-only command)

Have you ever seen a hacker, gotten their name but couldn’t get evidence? You report them, the staff go online to check, but the cheater is now offline.
Here comes in a new command for staff members to use - /cheaterlist. Anytime someone is reported w/o evidence the staff member can do /cheaterlist [player] which will add them to a supposed list only staff members can see. They will be notified whenever said cheater comes on for a week or so. Once they check out the cheater and see whether or not they’re cheating, they can remove them from the list and/or ban them.
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good idea. I could see this being added


Okay, for starters this would obviously be staff information if it was considered, therefore not something that should be open to discussion on the forums. Something like this is also always going to be viewed differently from the perspective of a player vs a staff member because we have more of an understanding as to why something may or may not work behind-the-scenes. It’s something for us to discuss rather than the forum folk.

Secondly, considering in-game reporting is coming, this seems like it would be a little redundant. Still, if you want to follow up on the idea or recommend other staff features, I would recommend speaking directly to a staff member rather than post it publicly. Thank you!