Changing the lobby a bit?


Change the lobby, more like a village with houses and several areas with different activities (like parkours, piano, bouncy slime jumps, swimming pools, music dancing place, minecarts, elytra rings, horses, dolphins…)

More information:

I got this idea in mind when I saw the throne empty every time I went these days into the castle. Personally, I feel like we reached an era where less and less people find sense to sit on a throne, since it’s more synonymous of “one above another” than just for little roleplay style.

Reminds me this could be also good to change things since the spirit of the server is to be together ! And this could also offer the possibility to just see something different, in the same HiveMC style, but different, with more variety and richer content. The players, that are more or less numerous idk, could enjoy something fresh and more vivified, making it a jumping point for the server and would add more to what it gives in term of vibes.

And if you still wanna keep this castle, it could be more diversified, and still included in the village in its own way. It can goes along with all other stuff the best way possible, following together the spirit of the server.

The hive is actually thinking about adding hub quests, so your idea isn’t too far fetched


I’m kinda indifferent on this, but I’d rather have the builders work on game maps then parts of the hub only 3 people visit lol.