Changing oasis to paradise

I think oasis is a term lots of people do not know so instead of oasis the hive can add paradise

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If they dunno oasis they probably dunno paradise

While I think oasis is crossing a language barrier like how in England soup is called porige I think

Except they’re different


So what would a good name be?

Probably oasis


So if it’s so complicated they can change oasis to something else

But what tho?

Is paradise a just build option

Maybe I don’t play jb :grimacing:

Oh lol I’ll have to check

I think Paradise should be a separate map from Oasis as the Oasis and Paradise are two different things!

Edit: Please put this in the #suggestions:skywars wars category as well!
Thank you!

they are talking about the theme in just build

also my opinion on the suggestion: paradise and oasis are 2 different things, so i dont see a point in changing it

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No I’m just build there is a setting called oasis

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My point is no one knows what oasis is so why not get rid of it

Someone’s gonna make a thread saying someone doesn’t know what a house is :rofl:


I don’t know why but this made me die laughing. But I do think oasis is not a American-English term

Oasis is an American term. It’s a lush area in a desert area (-my 6th grade teacher)

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It is??? Also I hated 6th grade so much :sob::sob::sob: almost failed it, I need six credits to lash freshman year and I’m at 4 rn

:0 same here (but when I was in 7th grade)