Change Treasure Wars to BeeWars

What if treasure wars was called “BeeWars” and instead of a treasure, there would be bees!

Now I don’t fully support this suggestion, but I do think it’s a good idea that came to my head. I don’t think this will be added but I do want to see some feedback!

I mean BeeWars sounds more suitable than Treasure Wars for The “Hive” server lol

TreasureWars has been the game’s name for almost 3 years at this point, I don’t really see how it would make sense to change it. Also I’m not sure why you’d make a suggestion if you don’t support it yourself.


This doesn’t really make sense. Bees aren’t inanimate objects like treasures, and they’d have to rework all of the pirate themed cosmetics from it. Maybe a bee treasure in a bundle or something

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Okay, thanks for the feedback! I’ll ask a mod to close this.

make sure to vote for your own suggestion!1!1!

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Bruh, why’d you make the suggestion if you were just going to close it after people disagreeing with you, literally a couple minutes after making it?

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I was pretty much half and half about the suggestion. It was cool in my head but it doesn’t really now.

We have no plans to change the name of TreasureWars.