Change the queue commands for some specific games

My suggestion is to change the queue commands for the specific minigames below.
These include: Murder Mystery (currently /q MURDER), Treasure Wars (currently /q WARS), Just Build (currently /q BUILD), SkyWars (currently /q SKY).

These would change to:
Murder Mystery - /q MM
Treasure Wars - /q TW
Just Build - /q JB
SkyWars - /q SW

The queue commands I have listed just above would be much easier to write. Typing in the queue commands for console players (in particular) can be a big struggle, this would significantly improve that. They are just simpler and neater as a whole, and would improve life on all platforms.

ok fine i agree with this


For some reason, I’ve been thinking about this for so long but never made a suggestion. Voted!


Yes and for like treasure wars it could be like

Treasure wars duos - /q TWD
Treasure wars trios - /q TWT
Treasure wars squads - /q TWS

And the same for sky wars

Also maybe if you just did /q it would bring up the game menu that you can get with the compass in the hub


You should make a suggestion for that, I’d definitely vote for it


If you want me to add anything to the topic description, let me know. But yeah, /q would have to be its own suggestion.

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If you could add the queues for treasure wars and sky wars duos, trios, and squads that would be nice

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Not only are these abbreviations shorter, but people actually use them when referring to these games.


Here it is :slight_smile:


Also for trios u could do /q TW3

They use numbers for server names, so what you said would be just a solos server

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I thought this is how it was and have been trying to use /q for so long now…

I like this idea! however, i think that the old commands should stay as well, so you could either do /q TW or /q WARS, as older players will be more used to the old ones and may take a while to get used to these new ones.


That would be a really cool idea! And it would be really easy for people who dont know the shorter way of saying for example treasure wars.

It was accepted, they’re going to add it soon I’d assume

Ay yo quick question

Why is ur email in ur name slot, I don’t think u want people to know ur email

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Bump, because the duplicate was a duplicate


Hey there is an easier way to do it even though you probably know this already but if you just type /q you get a preview it is a lot more easier.

Could we have it to where if we want to play with doubles or trios we have to type /q tw2 or /q tw3 ? I know that the numbers don’t make it look clean but it’s a bit better than typing out “doubles” or “trios”. This will very much help console people.