Change The Bridge Leap to an upwards boost instead

In The Bridge many people hate the leap kit, as it is almost impossible to counter unless you are decent at the game.

This could be a good thing, but the leap requires near to no skill to pull off.

This leads to my suggestion, to make the leap send you fully vertical, with no horizontal force.

It would send you 4 blocks up right as you use it, and could still be stopped by projectiles and swords.

This would also have to come with a 5 second cooldown at the start of the game, so that you couldn’t immediately use to build up quickly.

This would make the leap a lot less broken, but still make it worth using.

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The word “Leap” means you are leaping forward aka the direction you are facing. That’s what a leap does. When it goes vertically its called a “Boost” or a “Jump” up.

Do you mean vault like in block drop?

The leap as in like the leap from deathrun
But we are talking about the “Bridge” Gamemode here