Change Arrow Curving

Arrow curving is exactly that, the arrows curve. The standard downward arch is fine but I hate it when I’m trying to shoot someone with my bow the arrows don’t do the standard arch, they go UP. They start going UPWARDS because of a block. Please just remove this as it makes it harder to play the game. I can see this benefitting people but it’s so annoying not being able to hit shots because the arrows are curving.

I’m kinda indifferent, like yeah removing it would be ok but I’d assume they have it for a reason


Maybe an option to remove or a separate bow or something that removes it idk, but it’s really annoying to me but I do see others having advantages and disadvantages with this.

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I’m sure it isn’t intentional, I feel like I’ve read it somewhere. Honestly it’s annoying.


Also in SG for the supply drops, when I try to hit the supply drop with an arrow to make it land faster, I can’t, because of this…

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I think that’s a Minecraft-self issue yet they have no control over it.

No it is not. Arrows in vanilla don’t fly straight up, they curve back down

they shouldnt make the arrow be static(if thats what you mean

Not static just the normal arrow arch.

I see, in that case you could rename the thread to “Change Arrow Curving” (if possible) as to not mislead others.

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I’ve change the name

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