Challenge reward changes

Now look, I’m not saying the reward system is bad but certain challenges deserve more xp for completing them. For example, final finisher should be increased to 1000, the engineer, the emerald thing, fish are friends and pyromaniac should get 750 xp because of the increase in difficulty compared to similar challenges.

The engineer needs 1600 gold, and only 3 can be placed at a time, while golden grocer needs just 1000 and infinite can be easily bought.

Fish are friends needs 600 emeralds and you need to also use all of them. Safety first only requires 120 emeralds and the rest of the fall boots can be deposited.

Pyromaniac needs 6400 iron, while dragon tamer only needs 2400

The emerald spending challenge is hard because of the sheer amount of emeralds needed and how slow the emeralds flow.

And finally, final finisher needs 100 final kills, but squad spurs her only needs 10

I agree with you. Or they have to increase the rewards or they have to make them easier.

Don’t forget to vote your ideas.


I personally disagree. Challenges are supposed to be difficult and each challenge should be unique in its difficulty and shouldn’t be made easier to match the difficulty of another. The squad smasher challenge is very easy, but I think that that’s the point as its a ‘trial’ of such of a challenge to demonstrate how they work.


@Treasan5069 So, instead of making the challenges easier, do you prefer the challenges have bigger rewards?

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Maybe, but probably instead make the easy challenges have worse rewards. However, I like the system at the moment and the difficulty varying widely makes it so players get challenges completed widely apart.

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