Catbox hat

Catbox cardboard Hat!

The new costume Catbox is really cool! What if Hive released the cat themed cardboard hat alone or as a plus from buying the costume? It would be very cute!

Maybe add different colors for the cat cardboard hat? Like grey, white with spots of orange and grey, black… ect!

I don’t understand why this is needed. The costume has a cat box head, we already have a cardboard box hat, and we had a cat hat.

yea, kinda useless as there already is a cat hat (which is absolutely the best hat) and the cardboard box hat

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I feel like it would be a cool cat hat that can be bought any time, as the cat hat isn’t available anymore

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Yeah, My friend just thought it’d be a cool hat and I was excited for that idea, though I agree it’s really just using parts of previous hats to create a new one

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That was kinda the point of the cat hat though, it was a limited time thing.

Yeah, so we could get another cat hat now!

Some people bought the Black Friday bundle only for the cat hat and if this was released they might feel scammed.


My thoughts exactly, also the catbox costume is basically wearing a catbox hat already.

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