Capture the flag kits idea

Choice list for kits•-•

(They dont remove current items but enhance them)

Archer > If right click arrow it cycles through [5 second] slowness arrows,poison arrows and [3 second] blindness arrows•-• used as a support option

The duelist > Spawns with diamond sword and chest plate[can add projectile protection]

The medic > Spawns with 30 second cooldown splash potion of regeneration and 3 golden apples

Can add more in comments but these will not interfere with current loadout•-• anywho ye think these will add a level of teamwork as well as be fun to experiment with what works

could also add the turtle > Water protection for attacking from below•-• bring back my ashram water glitch lol

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These kits seem way too overpowered to be added to a game like Capture The Flag, where not even diamond armour is available. Also, Capture The Flag just got a massive update, so i don’t see anything being added anytime soon.

These would become redundant after people buy items which happens pretty early on in game, aside from diamond armor which would be too op

No. Just no. We don’t need CTF Kits. The duelist is way to overpowered, turtle is useless on some maps, Archer makes bow spammers more annoying then they already are, and just why kits? However, this could make a CTF minihub(which would be just the best), but as an idea, I don’t like it, I’m sorry.

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