Can't Level Up, Sunset Terrace Sucks & Other Suggestions

I’v been staff of fairly active servers before so I understand that not all this can be done easily so I’ll start with the fairly basic things and go onto more out there ideas as this thread continues. I’m pretty confident most if not all of these suggestions are things achievable and desired by most of the community.

I’ve been stuck at 19k points for a while. This really sucks and needs fixed.
Having nothing to work towards makes me disinterested in playing, the grind is gone. I know I’m not alone on this. I can grind on hider kills, I’m currently at around 1500. At this point I should have way more points. Please just update this it should be easy enough.

I’d love to see the OG maps like Hotel, Lotus, Cruise, Space. I quit playing the Mojang version but came back to the Switch version recently for casual play. I was kind of bummed to see that not many of the maps that I knew were on bedrock.

On the note of maps. I might be alone on this one but I really don’t like Sunset Terrace. I’ve been a builder on active servers before so I like its looks, its gorgeous. It looks great but my issue is its functionality. It is just far too difficult to seek on compared to the other maps.
Finding the last Jungle Planks or Bookshelf can be like finding a needle in a haystack regardless of the hiders skill. There are too many places for those blocks to hide, this coupled with the size of the map it just all too much. I’m also not so keen on office too but its much more manageable due to a better variety of blocks within the map itself.

I know some pretty good spots on most maps, I rarely get spotted if I’m actually trying. Its pretty boring hiding when your rarely found. So I like to be seeker most of the time… which means getting eliminated and adding unwanted stats to my account.

The idea I’m proposing is a /seeker command that acts similarly to /traitor from TIMV. A command to increase your chances to become a seeker or just straight up make you seeker if noone else has activated that command for themselves. Its a win win for people in the lobby that want to seek and players in the lobby that want to hide.

Alternatively just allow hiders an ability to eliminate themselves at the start of the game like in the OG map Cruise. This gets rid of waiting for the seeker to spawn in and minimises games where the seeker is AFK. (happens more often than you’d probably think).

Its fairly evident to me that hide and seek has gone a while without being shaken up much… players will likely become disinterested in the game mode if something isn’t shaken up and improved.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We actually have a content update planned for hide and seek that will include game improvements, new maps and game level cap increase with rewards at each level. In the future please put any suggestions you have in the suggestions category of the forums #suggestions:hide-and-seek
Have a nice day! :blush:


Thanks for the quick response, I was expecting this to go unnoticed.
I was unsure on where to put this post due to it being partly Hide & Seek discussion and partly suggestions so thank you for the information on where to post suggestions I may have in the future. If its possible could a forum moderator please move the post to there?

Its good to hear about an upcoming update. Can you give any more information on the current state of the planned update, what the new maps will be and when we can expect to see it in action?

If you click on the edit button you should be able to change the category.

You can check out our roadmap here. It will be updated when we’re ready to release more details and a release date.

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Ah right, I’ll get to changing that then.
Thanks again, take care!

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To be fair using ‘sucks’ in my opinion is just sad and pity of you. And I’m pretty sure 19k is the max XP for level 20? Not a lot of players do like H&S , you’re just becoming a block or killing block(s)

Hide and seek does get more players than SG though. However I do agree with you


Just a little bit of friendly clickbait brother :wink:
Sucks just means ‘very bad or unpleasant’ no offence meant by it. Just want to be genuine and real with my opinion on the state of certain things.

I remember playing Hide and Seek on PC and getting something around 50k points. I don’t see why it should be capped at all, its fun levelling up and getting new numbers next to your name in chat, getting an a bit of recognition for the time you’ve put into playing a gamemode. Keeping player engagement is important when designing any game/gamemode especially when it comes to multiplayer game design.

As of the time of typing this reply Hide and Seek has a rough average of 14 players, Treasure Wars & Murder Mystery are sitting at around the same. SG and Deathrun are sitting at around 0. Granted it is rather late at night/early right now too (4am).
I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Hide and Seek reach around 500 players on Friday nights.

It is by bar far the game that makes the most sense to me on the console variants of Minecraft, its simple mechanics lend themselves to the simple controller scheme.
I’ve played the PVP based game modes and the controller scheme just doesn’t work for PVP very well at all unfortunately, its slow and rather clunky. That’s my take on it anyways.

I disagree that Hide and Seek is just becoming a block or eliminating blocks. Base level yes its that but any gamemode can be simplified down to just a few words.
When you get to a certain experience with the game it becomes, memory and observation. I’ve played games where I’ve eliminated every hider in the game based on memory and observation, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one capable of this sort of skill level too.

Its about memorising how each area of a map should look and spotting the things that are off, where the usual/common spots are. Scanning those areas quickly. Watching where people run off to at the start of the game. Making sure you know what blocks you are looking for.
Sometimes its even about making the hider think you haven’t seen them so you can get them later on after you are done with more densely populated hiding locations so hiders can’t disperse then attacking when they think they’ve gotten away with it so they panic and struggle getting away. Its got a surprising amount of depth to it and a lot of potential for development.

I really enjoy the gamemode I’m not here to rag on the game I feel like you may have gotten that vibe. I’m offering my input and experience.


The hive doesn’t have an infinite number of levels because they want to give out rewards for every level (even tho I’d prefer unlimited levels).

Also @Demon_Wolf_Fang every person has their own opinion on games, not everyone likes the pvp games, a lot of people play for fun, not for competitiveness which is what games are made for. You might find something boring, but you can’t say that everyone feels the same about it.

Not really a friendly ‘click-bait’ next time, when you use ‘suck,’ find a good way to use context in it so people can understand better chap.

I gave context in the post itself its literally in bold near the top of the post… so people can find it easily. Titles can only be so long and I needed to summarise it. I summarised my feelings on the map and the shortest word I could think of was ‘sucks’. To me its unpleasant to play on.
To clarify I even stated: “I might be alone on this one but I really don’t like Sunset Terrace

The forum recommends you make titles that look interesting and represent the post, that’s all I did. The title doesn’t misrepresent the post, I’m just using short effective words that stand out. I then went on to compliment the map in many ways, I’ve been a lead builder on active servers before so I know how valuable constructive criticism can be.

I try my best to use language in a way that’s effective, I’ve had nearly 20 years of practice by now so theoretically I should be pretty good at it. ‘sucks’ is not slang, sad or petty inherently its a descriptive word. Unless you are personally offended by the word its such a non issue I don’t know why you keep bringing it up.

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