Can you make bow spamming against the rules or just make it more limited?

I’m sick of these people who just bow spam on you especially in TW, it’s been making me fume since last week, can you make it bannable or just more limited to give melee players a better chance to strike them?

Please yes, maybe add a delay thing or idk it’s so annoying, I haven’t been encountering it a lot lately except I have been seeing a hacker in every game, which is a lot worse.

i agree with you, but i dont think it should be bannable. being banned for using a game’s mechanics? that doesnt seem fair. they should add a cooldown, or use @SilentLattice31’s idea (im too lazy to find the topic)



A cooldown should be enough, or just the knockback and damage reduction to give the melee players a chance to strike because it’s been making me fume over TW.

I do agree highly but dislike how when I posted about bow spammers before I was highly ridiculed. Now, I do believe last time I saw it wasnt possible or just very hard to add a mechanic to delay it.

Making bowspamming bannable would make casuals lose their minds, I and many others hate it, but it is a (begrudgingly) legit strategy any (pc) player can do. Input queues which are possible would also just dump all of the bowspammers in a more condensed area, leading to pc players losing their minds, cooldown yeah, but making it bannable is quite a reach


Bow spamming is a PVP technique that is built into minecraft you can’t ban people for literally playing the game exactly how it was made that’s like banning someone for killing you. It makes no sense


There was a bug where the recoil didn’t work at all which was good until they patch it

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I like bow spamming because it gives a chance for worse players to win. If bow spamming is off or delayed the game will be,whoever gets diomand armor first wins.

Victory doesn’t necessarily depend on one’s armor, as I know of some people who are extremely good with a sword and can win almost any fight by using well-developed PvP tactics, e.g., strafing or snowballs.

Although I realize there are many people who disagree with my claim, I personally support the idea that there is nothing wrong with using bow spam. Using it doesn’t make you a bad player, it is simply another tactic that some players prefer to use over others. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed. Just because you bow-spam doesn’t mean your still going to loose. Me for example, I always got bow-spammed then got better. To the point where a bow-spammer can still beat me yes, but still I have the chance to be the winner. And again just using myself as an example here.


I disagree with bowspamming not being an issue, as it has a small skill curve compared to normal PVP, however it isn’t an insta kill loll


Bows are way to OP and broken especially if they know how to play the game a bit and are sky basing with a diamond sword

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