Can’t Sprint on Pedestal while in the air before the game started

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
What was affected : SG (All gamemodes)

What is the bug?
Explanation of the bug : When jumping right before the game starts, or being in the air (without touching ground), sprinting while on the pedestal doesn’t work. If we are in contact with the floor, there is no problem. But while in the air, we can’t sprint before the warm up (the 10 seconds before the game really start). This is really annoying because we have to sprint again when warmup ended. So this gives up lesser chances to take loot at the middle chests. Please fix it.

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots of the bug, if it applies
I could not find a way to post a video on the forums, so here is the video I uploaded to YouTube :
YT Video

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Thank you for reporting this. I’ve spent a little while testing the issue and from what I can see, you can solve it by using the sprint key, instead of double tapping ‘w’.

You can set your sprint key in your settings, by clicking on ‘Keyboard & Mouse’.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, feel free to create a reply.

I understand what you said, but sadly I play on mobile (and many players also play on mobile), and I don’t use a keyboard. Maybe teleporting players a bit higher so the server understand that they are at a solid block ? :question:
Also every player don’t use a keyboard, so this can be solved by keyboard users.
EDIT : Tested out to see if there were touch controls options for sprinting, but found nothing. This bug still occurs for me (tested August 29th)