Can’t report players

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):
Skywars, NA
What is the bug?
I went to report a hacker in Skywars, and it said “We’re sorry, this game doesn’t (yet) support in-game reporting.” Which is weird because the reporting system worked previously. /recent replays and /report didn’t work either.

Device(s) & Version
Nintendo Switch

Screenshots and/or video

Also a8a9a1994 was the hacker, so please try to get him banned as well.

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Hey there :wave:

Would you happen to have a video of this? and would anyone else happen to have more information?



Hi, Eham!

No, I do not have a video on this. But you might be able to ask KludgyTulip7404 if he knows anything else. He was in the game with me.

Here is some extra information as well. My friend and I speculated that the hack client that a8a9a1994 was using may have had something disabling the use of the report button.

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I’ve also seen that multiple times I think the issue appears when you are in a party the party owner leaves and re joins then the game thinks the party joined a game after it started i think
Thank you
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No, that wasn’t what happened.

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Was ther maybe there Text
“You are already connected to the server”?

Because I’ve tested it and when the text came up in chat the report command wasn’t working

Happens too if you are in a game like sky mega and you try to /q sky-mega again but there is only 1 mega lobby “open” rn then

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@Splodg3r maybe this could help

No, that’s not what it is.

I’ve had this exact issue before when using both /report and /recentreplays. Essentially it seems that some replay’s are basically dead and cannot pull up the player list to report a player. I’ve also on extremely rare occasions had replays that I physically could not open in the replay cinema when typing the ID in, it would just claim that the replay doesn’t exist despite me typing the ID in completely correctly, and I physically couldn’t open the replay on an alternate account either. Not sure what’s causing this but it’s luckily pretty rare


Not a bump, but just got more info on this. I encountered this again a couple days ago. This time, instead of saying "we’re sorry, this game doesn’t (yet) support in-game reporting), it just didn’t say anything. No screenshot because I I logged off before I could get one. Hope this info helps a bit!

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I’ve encountered it in both hubs. if you try to report someone for doing something in the chat like telling their age you can’t.

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same Im having problem with /recentplays aswell


This isn’t a bug, but rather down to hubs not yet supporting the report system. For rule-breaking that occurred in the hub, please report players on our Discord server.

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Could you provide some more information?

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ok thanks :smiley:

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I don’t have a video but I got a screenshot, I know it’s probably not helpful. Although I’m mainly doing this to bump it, so maybe someone else who has a video can send it.

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