Can’t link my Minecraft account


What was affected - not necessarily the hive’s server, I can’t link my Minecraft account to my discord. (I can’t link my account).

What is the bug?
My old discord is disabled (private reasons) so I won’t be on it. ((I don’t have access to it anymore either)). So I can’t unlink my Minecraft account from that discord.

Device(s) & Version
What platform do you play on (Win10, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android or PS4) I play win 10 but it’s discord

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots or videos of the bug, if it applies

I need “Ahwokn” on ry#0666 and transferred off of “ahwokn#0001” I can give proof of anything and I already have Ahwokn in the connections. Please help

Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

This isn’t a bug, and is intended behavior.

You can find information about this here:

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