Can hive fix there kb legit no knockback when sprint resetting

Now I would play the hive originally because on the java edition they had a lot of fun party games well I now play just for pvp until mixed arcade releases but what I hate the most is hive kb whenever to sprint reset you should do knockback even if the player hits you but on the hive no kb and combos are even worse because literally the only way to make a combo kinda is by timing your hit with the hives broken snowballs that do too much knockback to then start a combo on the player.

How the hive could fix the knockback is by fixing there broken snowballs and making it so when someone does kb to a player they don’t just go vertically when taking knockback and instead diagonal or horizontal in terms of knockback.

Btw idc if this is a duplicate thread.

IDC If everyone hates me after hacking this thread because the hives knockback sucks. I literally hate the hive knockback so much I would even play on mineplexes laggy knockback than the hives knockback.
I only play on the hive because all the bedrock you tubers and my friends play on the hive.

You would rather have your sword go through your opponent 20 times to make it impossible to kill each other? And also this is a duplicate of many other suggestions.

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The notion that the only way to combo is by using a snowball is completely ridiculous.

Also, the hive does have horizontal knockback, it isn’t as much as other servers for sure, but you imply it doesn’t exist here.

I’d be fine if hive attempted to make the knockback have more horizontal velocity then vertical velocity, but that would be a long process that would require a fair bit of trial and error to get just right. If the hive were to change the knockback, they better make it really good.

Also you’d probably find that the majority of players like the kb of hive more than other servers (I personally do).

Also this post was incredibly hard to understand at times, I’d suggest in the future to try to proofread your posts and make sure they are easier to understand


I mean, you don’t need to play the hive server
No one is forcing you to play it

So hating on the knockback that majority of people are used to
Isn’t really needed


I don’t think the kb or snowball any of them is broken, Its unique to hive server and its cool, you can just practice to not get comboed.

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