/camera implementation

Replay cinema can soon use a nifty update to it as since its release date, minecraft has got some pretty solid technological updates, one in particular is the new (or not so new anymore now) /camera command.

For short this command lets the user place a “camera” anywhere they want, not only that but if you are someone like me that has messed around with it you can create some amazing camera movements and cinematic’s, replay cinema on hive could definitely use this as it could bring a whole lot of customization to the replay cinema.

Couple things I can think of are keyframes sort of like java replay which is possible to code with commands and can bring stuff like smooth shots of a player for example. It really helps creators as well. If this were to be executed well it can make bedrock (hive) replay just a couple small steps away from java replay. I could also see this being used in game for example when you win in treasure wars the screen pans in the air or something like that, its doable and I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been experimented on by some of the hive devs but will still post this here anyways.

Hive operates on 1.20, after updating from 1.18, but hasn’t added…

  • The new spectator features that were already in replay cinemas
  • New blocks in hubs or in just build
  • /camera features

They’re eventually gonna update to a more recent update anyways so id bet there’s already some testing bts of this.

What? I thought it was still on 1.18…

No, look here!

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