Buyable Victory Screen

So, as the title suggests, in survival games, make different types of victory screens. They could be buyable or something, i dont really know. Vote if you agree!

why add victory screens?

They will look cool…

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i dont think they can change it, they once said it wouldnt fit for pe players

Uh no, it works for my screen on my tablet.

like other win messages

Where let me see it

The invis text sign doesn’t exist on my tablet

its not out lol the devs said that it wouldnt be able to be a

-dd it. I think that’s what you meant to say but forgot to continue.

This could be easy to do, because would the have to do is retexture the totem animation

But they can’t do that, or at least they probably don’t want you to have to download a resource pack

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Not just the totem, maybe the saying, like You are the champion!

but they alreaddy retexture a lotta stuff, like chests in sg, supply drops, mystery chest, spawn thingies, everything that turns into a steve when youu get that glitch, its just retexturinf another item

No those are custom entities, they don’t retexture anything,

They are entities placed on the chests, you will see it if they load as steves first


oh well im dumb


There are other pop ups besides the totem of undying. There is bad omens and hero of the village. I think this is what you are referring to, and could added in an update


There’s also the guardian effect (Don’t know what it’s called)

That isn’t the same thing I’m pretty sure but maybe

kinda is, guardian gives you a popup when u get mining fatigue, totem gives you a popup when used, etc

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The other 3 have similar animations, but I guess the guardian jumpscare could work