Bug with the Master Quest?

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global): Master Quest
What was affected Quest

What is the bug? I could only do one quest out of 8
Explanation of the bug So here’s the problem, I connect to do my quests, I choose one and as soon as I finish it, I go back to the Master Quest. But he tells me that I did all the quests today while I did one of 8. (yes, I buy the grade Hive +) Me, I think it’s due to the fact that on the 22/09, I made 7 quests on 8. I do not understand … Is this a bug or is it normal? If it’s a bug, would it be possible to fix it? Thank you.

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots of the bug, if it applies


There is a limit of 8 quests per day for Hive+ members. This resets at the same time for everybody. You should get more quests soon :slight_smile: