Bug with party and friend request

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North America Hub
What is the bug?
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I am trying to add my friend to a party. They are online but in the friend’s list it says they are offline. When I try to invite them to the party using a username there is an error in accepting the party invite.
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My device: Win11 PC
my friends device: ios
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Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

So that we can properly investigate this issue, could you provide some more information?

  • Is this issue still occurring?
  • What is the username of your friend?
  • Could you provide a video of this happening?


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This happend to me a couple weeks back, but hasn’t happend since; I assumed it was patched.

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This happened to me, you can simply rejoin and your friend will be online and will be able to join your party.

Have a good day!

Note: i am not a helper

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This happens to me. I have a video clip if that helps.

My friend invites me to a party, I receive the notification and go on the /p page but there is no invite there. I go on my friends list and he isn’t online though he actually is. I re-log and that doesn’t fix it but if he re-logs, then I start seeing he’s online


i got that exact same bug when i was trying to play with my friend before, it was annoying to figure out what to do to so i could inv him


Hi! I am having the same problem.

I am playing the hive from Nintendo switch, both my friends couldn’t see that I was online. One was playing from their switch the other was on ps4. We could not join a party.

We tried logging off and back in and that did not fix the problem. One of us would always showing offline even though we were there.

Other server parties work fine. Please fix this bug!


I have also encountered this issue

This happened to me also. The best thing you can do to fix it is restart your launcher, client or game entirely

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