Buff Ground wars exp sources

leveling up on ground wars is very slow. reaching lvl 10 already took long enough, but the lvl cap is now 20. u only get around 30-40 exp per round, and thats only if win, compared to the other arcade games, thats like no exp

the solution is to make the exp sources give us more exp, simple


Yeah like kills getting power ups
And destroying the gold power up in the middle

Kills should give 10 to 15 Xp
As opposed to the mere two exp per kill

I think it is fine ground wars is kinda like murder mystery hard to grind

I agree, I think all levels are kinda low.

Maybe you could get an extra 5 or so xp for killing as an impostor and also for killing the impostor

? there is no imposter

I definitely agree. I saw a user on discord with 100 wins and only lvl 7

I’m pretty sure it’s not even 2 xp for a kill - it’s one. Last I checked it said I had 74 kills and 123xp so 81.4(I have 10% XP multiplier) + other XP from game wins.

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