Bring back short skins

Unblock short skins on hive, but make them simply bannable in pvp modes

Many people have complained about short skins in pvp modes because they are harder to hit than normal skins, and therefore hive has blocked them entirely. Me and several others normally wear and make these short skins, and usually only use these skins. And now tons of our favorite skins are now unusable and wont look the same as normal height :c

Hive wont listen to our small community because they believe we are too small of a community to matter, yet we are big enough to affect their larger, more precious community to block them. So they wont bother putting any resources towards it to keep our community happy.

Hive, on several occasions have done things like this, resulting in the loss of those minorities as regular players, who left to play other servers or even other games entirely. They say that they wont put any effort towards keeping these minorities happy, and would rather use their resources to make the server better. They rarely fix the anti cheat, so theres more and more hackers. Theyre late on updates, such as holiday events, usually leading to the holiday events lasting only a very short time and rarely update games such as murder mystery or deathrun. Nor do they help with the toxic community at large. And instead of all these things they couldve done, they decide to focus on blacklisting a kind community that wouldve easily agreed to not using short skins in pvp. Hive is pretty much on a steady decline of players, losing more and more every day because they dont listen to the will of the people. What good will all those fancy new features and games do if theres not a community to play it? To create a good and happy community, one must listen to the people. After all, any community thing is created for the people right?


Why even? Like it doesn’t even matter because you can simply use a normal skin like everyone else does lmao :thinking:


I think you meant the time someone actually got his entire discord server or something to vote for his suggestion about bringing back Australia region

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they don’t even have the promoter badge lmao

ye they’re easily alts


the anti cheat has gotten way better in the last few weeks imo

not the hive’s fault

not the hive’s fault either, its a microsoft policy

their updates are wayyy bigger then any other featured servers’s updates


Can you stop with the sob story? Hive works their tails off considering multiple suggestions at a time. If they like it, then they’ll bring it to the drawing board and take it under heavy consideration.

Saying things like this is not going to make it more likely for them to accept it. I’m not trying to be combative, but I just want to put it out there.


I feel like this is sorta a joke but if not I don’t really see a point in bringing back short skins cause they provide an unfair advantage

I think this guy is decently known in the community and just got people from discord to check out the suggestion, nothing wrong with that


They joined 6 days ago, I think they are fairly new to the forum community

that doesnt always work? i got 2 different people to join but i didnt directly send them a link so it didnt count
can yall stop minimodding, even if they were alts (which i doubt) staff will deal with it

They aren’t alt accounts guys :sweat_smile: Please leave enforcing such things to the staff, who have the ability to verify such things

If you have concerns, flag the post so that it can be looked into


I don’t see this being needed at all because it’s not like allowing small skins in non pvp games is going to matter.

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sorry…I should have thought do it more… (to anyone wondering, I am not trying to be a mini-mod, I was just point out something that I thought was suspicious)

To any of these accounts, you have my apology <3 :bone:

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they weren’t alts.

that is why I deleted that reply…I realised my mistake so I am deleting it