Bring back jump and drop solid!


My idea is to bring back the jump&drop solid bug that became a major feature over time on Java Hide and Seek.

More information:

Before saying anything, I know a similar post was posted on the forums, but it was 4 years ago and no staff member answered it.

Right before going solid, there was a very small time window in which if you jumped or fell, you would’ve become solid one or two blocks above your actual final position.

It was for me a major feature of Hide and Seek back then as I don’t recall playing a game without a player using it.

Bringing it back would allow hiders to find new hiding spots and challenge seekers to search for these new spots. Some spots from former Java maps (such as Kingston and Hospital) aren’t just possible anymore due to the lack of this feature.

Here’s a small video to show how it was done and how it looked like:

Hope you will take the time to read this message and that I could convice you to add it to Hide and Seek!

Omg yess voted

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I quite like this idea! To add a little further, being able to hide on top of other hiders when they go solid would be quite nice. You could then hide with friends to complete a bookshelf for example. This would be balanced as if you decided to hide on top of someone, if they moved you would then also be found. Could be interesting and change the way you play the game! Earned my vote!


Hmm yes I like this idea. I don’t play Hide and Seek that much, but a quality of life update that changed some features would be nice for sure. I especially like the idea of being able to hide on top of other hiders

We need this
In addition the should add the ability to open trapdoors, doors etc. Hiding was way more fun this way