Bridge practice

Bridge practice minigame

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So i know some people agree with me… mobile, pc, etc.
Imagine your in a game. You havent mastered bridging, and you “do an oopsie”, as Hive would say.
I think a great solution is to add a minigame. It will be like the Bridge, you get few stacks of blocks. There is a checkpoint like 50 blocks away. You time how fast you can do it
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You can race someone, or by yourself.

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I like the idea, but instead of it being a game mode, it would be cooler if it were like Hypixle’s bridging practice mode as a bed wars option.

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I love this idea however like how @ItzPinteam said, it would be coolier if it was like Server practice mode like bedwars

I think maybe there should also be game tutorials as well!
(I am currently making a hive bedrock wiki so ill include some info there)

I am just throwing an idea out there, but ya, like a hub game or somehting


Btw, theres a thing called custom server yaknow and challenge someone random to a race…

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Well, cs take some time to set up

Download a practice map or something

Just go on the Zequa server if you want to practise.

or you can create your own bridge map to practice on in creative or smth