Bridge ideas

I do feel like yes the bridge added lots of maps there’s still another topic they need to work on and that’s the ability/kit things. Here are some I have

No Fly Zone: this kit give you a item that once you left click while holding gravity is increased 500% for both players, it also last 5 seconds. it also comes with a gold sword that once you hit someone with they have 500x gravity for 1 second and there’s a 20% chance the effect doesn’t work on them and instead it happens to you.

This idea is perfect for all those people saying the leap needs to be deleted

Trapper: this gives you two placable launch pads you can put at your base to send your opponent to the sky’s if they walk on it, the kit also comes with a invisibility potion lasting 5 seconds

Bomboyage kit: this kit comes with 3 boom boxes and one fire boom box.

Mage kit: this kit comes with a potion of regen, a potion of strength, a potion of swiftness, and a splash potion of instant health. The trick tho is every round one of these potions will be laced with instant damage and you won’t know it so you have to choose wisely on the ones you use on yourself.

Archererer: this kid gives you 5 arrows at a time instead of 1

Golden apple kit nerf: instead players get one GAP and there respawn time is reduced to 1 second and the kit is called “resurrection”

Minion: each round you spawn with a baby zombie egg and the baby zombie has leather armour on stained to the color your team is

I also think it would be cool if the hive added a bridge color wheele to the store for 320 minecoins, pretty much what this is, is we get a wide variety of colors we can choose to play as. If you ever get a game with an opponent using the same color the hive will just give you or them a diferent one

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Don’t make suggestions in lists, Splodg3r says to avoid making them. :memo: I can’t make a quote because Splodg3r said that on a post that is now closed. :lock:

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Oh my fault, how pissed would everyone be if I said each one of these on a diferent post

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Yeah, I agree with you here. Your suggestion follows the general consesus of “lets add more kits, here’s an idea!”

I wouldn’t like the idea of you creating multiple posts bc that would be spam imo. However, I think this because this post doesn’t have enough effort, detail or thought process into the ideas it did put on. The kits are either really bad or just useless.

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Ah yes, please Hive add a kit that stops you from being able to jump up a single block :slight_smile:

Nobody would realistically use this.

Interesting idea, but it still seems a bit overpowered even with the instant damage.

Another cool idea, but this would make now spam possible so I’ll have to pass on this one.

Nerf the worst kit?


Also not very useful.

Please no ;-;


This seems like a dupe for Ability to change your team colour in the Bridge

Nice suggestions!

We ask that you avoid creating list suggestions (keep it to suggestion per post).